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We at Mr Tint are specialists in automotive window films for more than 30 years, we know what you want; a window film that will add to the beauty of your vehicle, protect its interior, and improve your comfort and safety.

Greater Comfort : window films offer daytime heat rejection to make your vehicle more comfortable and help your cooling system work more efficiently

Reduced Fading : by rejecting almost all of damaging ultraviolet rays (UV), window films can help protect your vehicle's fabric or leather interior from sun fading and deterioration.

Increased Safety : although window films won't prevent glass breakage they can help hold shattered glass together in case of accident or vandalism , to help protect you and your passengers from possible injury. And all our window films block out over 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet, which has been determined to be the leading cause of skin cancer.

More Privacy : depending on your preference , select window films can make the inside of your vehicle more private while other are nearly invisible once installed. We offer a wide range of film shades.

Mr. Tint offers several tint products for automobile owners which add various levels of sun protection and privacy to your windows.

MaxPro Window Films


MaxCool Infrared Rejection Films:
* maximum heat rejection
* nano-ceramic construction
* beautiful charcoal color that will never fade
* manufactures backed Lifetime Warranty



SunTek- high performance :
* dyed-metal hybrid construction
* charcoal in color
* superior heat and glare reduction
* excellent optical clarity
* 3 year warranty

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